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Lessons to be learnt from the Hilary Clinton emails saga.


In his politics Aristotle believed man was a “political animal” because he is a social creature with the power of speech and moral reasoning, the upcoming American Presidential election has the world caught in rapt attention, America might be the most powerful nation in the world, but that’s not the reason our fingers are glued to the news channels as soon as we get home from running work errands, in my opinion for the first time in my adult life I have never witnessed an election filled with so much drama it honestly eclipses even the best of the best reality shows.

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Corporate Communication and Public Relations Series. Chapter 3


Before I started this article, I imagined a world without communication; confusion, chaos, pandemonium, havoc, name it, whatever name would best describe the situation. With communication present again we need understanding for the process to be complete.

Effective communication is significant in all spheres of life, including the streets, home, organizations to mention a few. I will direct my write up today on the importance of communications in organizations.

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Seeing ahead and being relevant to you

The second article from the dynamic guest blogger  The Reluctant Strategist.


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It takes as many as 25 people to successfully execute a heart transplant, and each has a role unlike the other. Each role on the day must have been carefully prepared for and each member of the team must work within a slim margin of error for the endeavour to succeed. Each person is expected to have been trained for at least a decade, and is currently on some continuous professional development programme. It is the nature of things that the higher the level of responsibility, or the more specialised an area of operation is, the greater the amount of skill, effort, relevant experience and depth of know how required to succeed.

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Why It’s a Bad Idea to Talk Politics at Work (and how to avoid it)


Article by Gregg Ward CEO of the Gregg Ward Group.


Just about everyone is talking about politics right now, even at work. And, given the current amount of nasty invective, ongoing scandals and campaign wackiness, it’s really tempting to offer up your opinion to your colleagues. But venting about Trump or Clinton in the office is a terrible idea, especially if you’re in management. Here’s why…

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Time to Treat Toxic Emotions at Work




I found a very interesting article from 2003 that I think will be a good read.

Find below an excerpt of a conversation between Pater Frost Author of the book Toxic Emotions at Work and Mallory Stark a business information librarian at Baker Library, Harvard Business School, specializing in organizations.

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Corporate Communication and Public Relations Series. Chapter 2



Welcome to this week’s edition on our series on communication. In our last article we tried to understand the word “Communication” in different contexts by way of definition.

We used practical illustrations to expatiate on this, as it relates to communication and concluded by saying communication is not complete if the people whom you are trying to communicate with to do not understand what you are saying.

We would take it a step further in this article to discuss the elements of communication, noting that communication is a dynamic process rather than a static phenomenon.

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Dating above the peer line


Peerline? What is a Peerline you may ask? Well stop reaching for a dictionary that word does not exist, I made it up. Why not? This topic is a little less formal than usual so let’s loosen our ties (Or girdles) and dig in.

Dating sigh that exciting insufferable dance we must all dance in the name of physical attraction, courtship, pre rites of course to the final destination MARRIAGE…maybe some keep on dancing but let’s focus on the pre rites.

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When You’re the Boss and the Youngest Person in the Room


Best practices for managing people with more years of experience.

Thomas Saueressig assumed the role of chief information officer at the German software company SAP in May, which means he now leads a team of 1,500.

He’d turned 31 the month before.

Luckily, Saueressig who is No. 5 on Fortune’s 40 Under 40 list is used to being one of the youngest people in the room. In elementary school, he barely made the cutoff date for his class. “I was a half year younger than everyone else, which, when you are 8, is huge,” he says.

He got more comfortable with the designation as he rose through elementary school, secondary school and university, and the streak continued after graduation. By 26, he was leading a team of 12, and today, many of his employees are decades older than him.

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The Secret Musings of a Marketer in a Nigerian Bank.



A Marketer in one of the Financial Banks in Nigeria decided to send this piece in to give readers a peek into what their daily life entails.

My life’s Dream, A daily Nightmare.

 The Beginning

Sean: Hello, am I speaking to Mr Douglas Agu?

Douglas: Yes, Douglas Speaking.

Sean: Are you working right now?

Douglas: Yes, Am working with a commercial bank.

Sean: Ok. Thanks. Do have a nice day.

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I knew it! (Or, in retrospect, the future was always obvious.)


Introducing the First in a series of articles from Guest Blogger The Reluctant Strategist.


When cars are more than the intended road capacity, and the roads are not getting any bigger, traffic congestion and its attendant effects on the human body and the environment is only a matter of time. Increased stress levels, complex health challenges and a significantly weakened environment became the now obvious outcome.

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