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The new credit-assessment methods appears to be coming from a familiar source. (Mobile Phones)
This process is being used in more than 15 countries across the Caribbean’s, Asia, Europe and even in some African countries like Ghana..

Startups like Lenddo and EFL Global Ltd appear to be reaping huge benefits from this process, non-traditional data appears to be the new method for entering into new market segments that couldn’t be served before.

Proposed borrowers who are previously unbanked and don’t have credit history may now have inroads to accessing small loans.
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Corporate Communication and Public Relations Series. Chapter 5


Essentials of Communication continued

Last week we identified 7 essentials of communication and we discussed 3 with the promise to continue the series this week. A quick recap we talked about the structure, we talked about Clarity and we ended with consistency. Remember I said I made it shorter to help us understand it better.

So today we continue with number 4

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Guide to buying an Inexpensive Watch


Image result for pictures of expensive wristwatches

Branding is everything, before you open your lips to speak there are a lot of things that have already pre formed an opinion about you. Ask the Corporate Salesman about one of the most effective tools to his trade and he will tell you a nice well tailored suit.

These days depending on what segment of the society you cater to, it’s not just about your suits, your accessories are also very important, ” entrer” the wristwatch.

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10 Unconventional Ways to Build Your Personal Brand


Written By Sujan Patel

He is an Entrepreneur, Marketer and Co-founder of

You won’t find me regurgitating advice like, “Get out there and join networking events.” I absolutely will not tell you to “be yourself.”

Those things, and more, have been said repeatedly. How about something a little more actionable to help you build a personal brand.

So, think about something more actionable: If you want to stand out, you need to disrupt the norm. Here are 10 unconventional approaches to personal branding to try. Now, I don’t recommend employing all of them. Instead, choose one, or a few, and tailor your approach to what works for you and your audience.

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The Nigerian Government kicks off job scheme for half a million unemployed graduates


The Nigerian Government is set to employ about  200,000 unemployed graduates selected in the first batch of the Buhari administration’s plan to hire half a million Nigerians.

While  200,000 applicants have been selected about two weeks ago, their names have now been sent to state governments and the FCT who would deploy them to their specific programme assignments. The names would also be published this week on the N-Power internet portal, while the participants would start receiving SMS messages informing them of their selection as from Monday November 21, 2016.

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James Grant Founder at Father James Grant Foundation

Being happy at work. At some point in most people’s working lives they’ll struggle to find enthusiasm for the daily grind. If that’s a regular event it may indicate it’s time for a change, but most of the time it’s just about mindset and embracing a positive attitude to work.

Here are six tips for staying positive and happy at work.

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Nigerian launches Farmcrowdy, Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform


Whilst some Nigerians are crying out about the current economic recession, some Nigerians are utilizing the needs in the environment to launch Agricultural driven businesses.
Take for instance serial entrepreneur and digital expert, Onyeka Akumah who has just  launched a new platform in the agricultural space.

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Don’t Feed the Monster.


Have you ever noticed that dark souls love to cluster together, No I am really serious,“Misery loves company” is not just a philosophical quote thrown around with laxity just to have the last word in a conversation, it’s honestly a real thing.

Some time ago in a land where I refuse to mention its location for the sake of sanity, I walked into a conversation at the cafeteria, we had all just received our bonuses from work so I had a cute spring to my step and felt slightly better that I was operating on four hours of sleep instead of Eight .In my usual fashion, to celebrate I had ordered a healthy plate of sea food and was about to dive in when two men by my side suddenly started complaining.
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Corporate Communication and Public Relations Series. Chapter 4


There are 7 basic essentials of communications namely:
1. Structure 2. Clarity 3. Consistency 4. Medium 5. Relevancy 6. Primacy/Regency 7. Psychological rule of 7+2
Let’s take a look at each one after the other.

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Believe it or not when I was a teenager I ran track, …ok pick your jaw back up . One of the best things I learnt during that period was from one of our school instructors. She advised us to always look forward when running and not concentrate on the runners beside you,

“You may glance at your competition with the side of your eye when running, but the focus from the minute you hear the whistle should always be the finish line.” she said.
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