It’s no news that 2016 was one of the worst years for the Nigerian economy, the country reaped its reward for ignoring previous lucrative sectors and concentrating primarily on revenue from the Oil Sector, consequently when Oil prices plummeted the Nigerian economy followed suit.

The Government scrambled around playing the blame game and rolling out unsuccessful policies that further worsened the situation, at the peak of the crisis prices of commodities shot up to the point that it became unbearable to even prepare a pot of stew for a low income family.

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Breaking into the Men’s Club


First of all I am not a Feminist (Most of the Time), or maybe I should rephrase it to be I am not a diehard Feminist ……..scratch that, that sounded worse than the first few lines so I will say categorically that I am a career woman who identifies with gender issues (amongst other issues) and I try to be a realist above anything. Breaks into a sigh of relief all this labels though, who is a feminist, who isn’t a feminist the bottom line is that I am a woman trying to soar above the rest in this Climate.
So why this topic you may ask?, it’s 2016 not 1986, The female in the work place is not limited to the receptionist or the secretary, we now have Female Presidents, Prime Ministers, The Current IMF President,
Women are now equally as powerful and successful as men , the Beijing Conference worked!

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Happy New Year 2017!!!!


Happy New Year Folks, Thank God we made it, may this year bring bigger and brighter things….let’s keep building this empires and touching lives.

From Dakkylove

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Nigerian launches Farmcrowdy, Nigeria’s first digital agriculture platform


Whilst some Nigerians are crying out about the current economic recession, some Nigerians are utilizing the needs in the environment to launch Agricultural driven businesses.
Take for instance serial entrepreneur and digital expert, Onyeka Akumah who has just  launched a new platform in the agricultural space.  Farmcrowdy.com

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Happy Independence Day, Nigeria


A Blog Reader who wishes to be anonymous forwarded this piece as inspired by the 56th Independence of Nigeria , which was on October 01, 2016.

Makes for a short interesting piece.

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Clip On Cup Holder A must Have for all Offices.


Guys who else has the major issue of pouring drinks all over their tables in the office, Between your quad-monitor setup, mini-donut maker, cubicle toys, USB fridge, mini-roller coaster and actual work stuff, there’s hardly a place in your desk to rest a cup of beverage safely — you know, where there’s little chance of accidentally knocking it over with an arm swipe.

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Welcome to Dakkyworkdiaries


Hi Guys, I am excited to begin this journey on this blog with you.

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