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The Female on top of the Corporate Ladder…..A gift or a Curse??

I always tell people Life is a book with different chapters, if you skip one or two chapters you might not understand how to fall  into rhythm with your story, Impatience makes  people want skim through the book pages, thereby walking clueless all through life.

Who remembers the Beijing women’s conference in 1995? Personally i think African women finally caught the spirit of female liberation that had been roaming around Europe and the western world for several decades  that year.

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How to Make and Keep Work Friends

Colleagues giving each other high-five

Studies show some people believe making friends with co-workers contributes to job satisfaction and can also be good for a career boost. For example, one third of millennials said socializing with colleagues helped them move up the career ladder, In your first job out of college, consider some of these do’s and don’ts for making and keeping friends in the workplace.

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The best answer I’ve ever heard to “sell me this pen”

Article written by Dailius R Wilson

Sell me this pen. Possibly the best sales one liner in history. Haven’t heard it before?

Coined by Jordan Belfort a.ka. Wolf of Wall Street – I suggest you block out 2 hours of your day to watch one of the best sales movies of all time. Don’t like movies? Read his book.

In the last ten years, I have seen more sales leaders use this question as part of their interview process to whittle out the can-dos from the can-nots.

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Breaking into the Men’s Club


First of all I am not a Feminist (Most of the Time), or maybe I should rephrase it to be I am not a diehard Feminist ……..scratch that, that sounded worse than the first few lines so I will say categorically that I am a career woman who identifies with gender issues (amongst other issues) and I try to be a realist above anything. Breaks into a sigh of relief all this labels though, who is a feminist, who isn’t a feminist the bottom line is that I am a woman trying to soar above the rest in this Climate.
So why this topic you may ask?, it’s 2016 not 1986, The female in the work place is not limited to the receptionist or the secretary, we now have Female Presidents, Prime Ministers, The Current IMF President,
Women are now equally as powerful and successful as men , the Beijing Conference worked!

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How to handle a Crush on a coworker.

Crushing on a co worker

We just finished celebrating February 14th,  Valentine’s Day …A day set aside by card makers and florists to rip us off of our hard earned cash,…… sorry scratch that I was joking, a day set aside to celebrate LOVE.

It’s a beautiful thing to love and be loved in return but in Life it’s not always as simple as that, for some Valentine’s Day reminded them of a day to celebrate their partners, showering them with gifts and attention whilst trying to re-create the early days when the relationship was hot and steamy.

For others February 14th  falling on a work day was another day to remind them that the Coworker they were crushing on is unavailable, or to be more direct “was not theirs”. They were forced to fake smiles as they watched the exchange of gifts between that person and their significant other.

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5 Strategies to Build a Fun Work Culture That’s Also Productive


Everyone wants to work somewhere fun. Ask anybody in the world what type of place they want their office to be, and only a tiny percentage will reply “someplace boring, where nobody enjoys themselves and everyone only pays attention to the work in front of them.” Yet, many workers find themselves in such an environment.

That’s because there’s a dissonance for business owners that’s difficult to resolve. Yes, “fun” workplaces get more attention and seem to have happier workers, but at the end of the day, you’re running a business, and you need to make sure your workers are productive if you have any chance of remaining profitable. Unfortunately, many business owners assume that the best way to encourage productivity is to discourage fun and enforce as many tight-laced structures as possible in the overall work culture.

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Should you socialize with your colleagues outside work?


How do you relate to the people you work with? As friends you might go out for a meal with, or more as acquaintances you have to put up with in the workplace to get the job done?

We spend majority of our lives in the office, surely it would not be an unusual prospect to try to get to know your colleagues outside the workplace, who knows for some they can even meet their prospective partners. Take for instance management consultant Phil Dibbs. He says he found it impossible to get on with one of his co-workers when they both worked for Westland Helicopters.

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Diamond Bank Plc rewards over 1000 Staff with promotion and long service benefits.


Diamond Bank is one of the leading banks in Nigeria, A mid- Tier Bank focusing on Retail and the Emerging Business Market.

Whilst the current economic recession Nigeria has adversely affected the Banking sector in Nigeria, in a surprising move the Bank decided to go against the grain and celebrate its most loyal and deserving staff in the month of December.

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If you are anything like me you just want to come to work and deliver the best services in the best environment possible and close the day feeling like you have achieved a big one for the team.

Make friends, learn new stuff, the Basics ……nobody told me that, this would not be enough, I did not get the memo that you also need to learn the skill of nuanced office politics involved in handling your boss.

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The new credit-assessment methods appears to be coming from a familiar source. (Mobile Phones)
This process is being used in more than 15 countries across the Caribbean’s, Asia, Europe and even in some African countries like Ghana..

Startups like Lenddo and EFL Global Ltd appear to be reaping huge benefits from this process, non-traditional data appears to be the new method for entering into new market segments that couldn’t be served before.

Proposed borrowers who are previously unbanked and don’t have credit history may now have inroads to accessing small loans.
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