Work Must Haves

Work Must Haves


natural coconut walnut oil

natural coconut  oil and Shea Butter

If you are in Nigeria and the western part of Africa, you will realize that the cold harmattan winds have come out in full force. The best remedy would be to stay indoors under a warm blanket and watch Netflix but for those of that have to head out to work you need to protect your skin.

The cold weather comes with dry winds that can damage and break your skin, other signs include cracked lips, sole of the feet and even the skin itself.  Some cracks even become ulcerated. For these weather and to protect your skin there are two natural products that we must all have in our Man Purses or Hand Bags, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil.

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Clip On Cup Holder A must Have for all Offices.


Guys who else has the major issue of pouring drinks all over their tables in the office, Between your quad-monitor setup, mini-donut maker, cubicle toys, USB fridge, mini-roller coaster and actual work stuff, there’s hardly a place in your desk to rest a cup of beverage safely — you know, where there’s little chance of accidentally knocking it over with an arm swipe.

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The Tablet a must have for all employees.


A Tablet has become a necessity in the workplace, in this digital era , it is important that employees have access to a Tablet or mobile device with internet compatibility for effective communication and dissemination and sourcing of information.

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