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The second article from the dynamic guest blogger  The Reluctant Strategist.


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It takes as many as 25 people to successfully execute a heart transplant, and each has a role unlike the other. Each role on the day must have been carefully prepared for and each member of the team must work within a slim margin of error for the endeavour to succeed. Each person is expected to have been trained for at least a decade, and is currently on some continuous professional development programme. It is the nature of things that the higher the level of responsibility, or the more specialised an area of operation is, the greater the amount of skill, effort, relevant experience and depth of know how required to succeed.

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I knew it! (Or, in retrospect, the future was always obvious.)


Introducing the First in a series of articles from Guest Blogger The Reluctant Strategist.


When cars are more than the intended road capacity, and the roads are not getting any bigger, traffic congestion and its attendant effects on the human body and the environment is only a matter of time. Increased stress levels, complex health challenges and a significantly weakened environment became the now obvious outcome.

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