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Are You a Goal-Getter? 7 steps to achieving your goals

Article written by Scott Halford

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I recently overheard someone reply, when asked about her holiday weekend, “It was successful. My New Year’s resolution is to overeat on every major holiday. I figure I’m going to do it anyway; why not make it a goal I can actually keep?” I had to laugh. It made me think about the goals we create in our lives and in our businesses.

Many fall into one of two major categories. The first category is goals we set that we have a 95 percent chance of accomplishing–mostly because we have done it before, so the likelihood is high that we’ll succeed. (Our overeater above almost didn’t pig out because she was feeling poorly. But she pulled herself together and gorged.) The other category is goals where there is a 95 percent degree of uncertainty that we’ll accomplish them, and we have never done it before, but we would like to. There are benefits to both kinds of goals.

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Three ways to be the CEO of your Life

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Kim Perell CEO of Amobee

I’m the CEO of a leading digital marketing company with 800 employees in 21 offices worldwide, but that’s not my most important role. My most important role is something more personal: being the CEO of my own life.

You have as much control over your own life and success as a CEO has over the success of his or her company — often even more. You have the ability and power to make decisions in every area of your life. You are responsible for your happiness, your friendships, and your job. If you don’t like them and want to change them — you can.

Often, people do not take as much of a conscious, organized approach when it comes to managing their personal lives as they do their professional lives. They let others control their life, success, and happiness. This is a missed opportunity.

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How to find the right Mentor



The right mentor can be a powerful tool in your career arsenal, whether you’re new to the working world or already well-established in your industry. In fact, Sheila Wellington, former president of Catalyst Foundation and author of BE YOUR OWN MENTOR, believes it’s one of the main reasons why men tend to rise higher than women in the workplace – men are more likely to have mentors throughout their careers than women.

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How to Make and Keep Work Friends

Colleagues giving each other high-five

Studies show some people believe making friends with co-workers contributes to job satisfaction and can also be good for a career boost. For example, one third of millennials said socializing with colleagues helped them move up the career ladder, In your first job out of college, consider some of these do’s and don’ts for making and keeping friends in the workplace.

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