Happy Independence Day, Nigeria


A Blog Reader who wishes to be anonymous forwarded this piece as inspired by the 56th Independence of Nigeria , which was on October 01, 2016.

Makes for a short interesting piece.

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How to tactfully and constructively disagree with your boss.

The best teams thrive on productive disagreement. Here’s how to plead your case respectfully.

Whatever your feelings toward your boss, the fact is that he or she got to that position because of some combination of experience, expertise, and training. In other words, they earned it. That doesn’t mean you’ll always agree with the decisions your boss makes. Sometimes you’ll even be certain your boss is wrong–either on something small and harmless or much more consequential.

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My first day at work , (NEWBIE IN THE WORKPLACE)


Independence is every child’s dream, sorry I meant financial independence is every child’s dream, (except you’re a Saudi prince), anyways the thought of getting my first job always kept me going, determined to burn the midnight candle, because to my youthful exuberant brain I thought good grades was equal to a good job, I later found out I was somewhat wrong. To cut it short let’s just say your first job is like having Scofield as your best friend,(Character from the series Prison Break), you’re sure he is  breaking you out soon, but with a first job it’s a financial break, well mine wasn’t really exactly like that.

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The 3 Leader Profiles You MUST Avoid


Written by John Eades

The feeling in my stomach was sickening. At first, I sat there in slight disbelief with the simple thought running through my head over and over, “How in the world could my team possibly rate me like this?” As I continued through my leader report, the feeling didn’t get better as I read, “He micromanages a lot” and “He treats people differently based on who you are.” Candidly, it was hard to read. As I sat back in my chair fighting off feelings of anger and disappointment, I saw the words a mentor had spoken to me that I had written on a notecard:


“Don’t ever underestimate anyone”

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Clip On Cup Holder A must Have for all Offices.


Guys who else has the major issue of pouring drinks all over their tables in the office, Between your quad-monitor setup, mini-donut maker, cubicle toys, USB fridge, mini-roller coaster and actual work stuff, there’s hardly a place in your desk to rest a cup of beverage safely — you know, where there’s little chance of accidentally knocking it over with an arm swipe.

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The Female on top of the Corporate Ladder…..A gift or a Curse??

I always tell people Life is a book with different chapters, if you skip one or two chapters you might not understand how to fall  into rhythm with your story, Impatience makes  people want skim through the book pages, thereby walking clueless all through life.

Who remembers the Beijing women’s conference in 1995? Personally i think African women finally caught the spirit of female liberation that had been roaming around Europe and the western world for several decades  that year.

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